War of the Words, Pt. 2

Our actions add value to the words we speak.

God’s word carries the kind of weight that is does because God will ALWAYS produce an action that corresponds or agrees with His word. Worlds are framed by His simple declaration of, “Let there be…”

What gives weight to God’s word? His willingness to honor it above all else.

If God says a thing, it must be so.  It doesn’t matter if every circumstance surrounding the matter contradicts God’s word. Those circumstances must and will realign themselves to make full proof of the weight of God’s word.

It almost makes sense that so many people have such a hard time taking the Bible as the infallible, inspired  Word of God. They look at the Bible and think, “This can’t possibly be true.  Nothing like THAT could ever happen in MY life!”

And then, there are people like ME.

It’s usually the ones who have nothing left to lose that take the chance to see that God’s word is REAL.  It’s the person who has looked like a fool their whole lives that is not afraid to take God at His impossible, unbelievable word.  And it’s that person that sees the victory of God’s word being manifest to its fullest potential.

The promise is this: His word will not return void.  It will always accomplish what pleases the Father. That promise has only one contingency; we must know the word and live it and speak it IN FAITH.

THE WORD OF GOD IS THE WILL OF GOD.  It is the language God speaks. In order to have God’s best possible outcome for our lives, we have to know His will, do His will and declare His will.  And it is the Father’s “good pleasure” to bring His will to pass, no matter how much circumstances contradict it.

Jesus came to do all that He did, so that we could have whatever God’s will is for us.  But even He could not have done that if someone had not been willing to do the will of God. It is because there were generations of people, determined to do the will of God, before the NAME could even be spoken in the earth, that gave the name of Jesus the power that it possesses.

I think it’s very telling when people will pray for things, “in Jesus’ name,” that just don’t line up with the will of God. A lot of those prayers include phrases like: “Give me,” or, “let me,” or, “fix this, or that, or them…” You get the point.  I am equally guilty of this quite often, myself. And we think that the prayer must come to pass because we have asked these things in “the name.”

“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” ~ James 4:3

Sound familiar?  What I have come to discover is that the one thing that trumps the Name of God is the Word of God. Any time we use the name of God in a way that does not line up with the Word of God; we have missed the will of God, making the name ineffective. In Psalm 138:2, David honors God for magnifying His word above His name.  In essence, David honors God for KEEPING HIS WORD.  That demands that you be a direct reflection of your Father by KEEPING YOUR WORD.  And that’s not talking just about telling the truth. Don’t waste time and energy saying things you don’t mean. Don’t say things just because it’s in your ‘nature’ to say it.  Check your old habits against the word of God. If it agrees with God’s word SAY IT. If it supports what God’s word says DO IT.

Nobody said it would be easy. And, for a while, it’s going to feel a little awkward. We live in a world that is totally contrary to God’s word in every imaginable aspect. That is the very reason it is such a challenge to take the Bible for absolute truth.  BUT IT CAN BE DONE.  It just takes practice…day by day, moment by moment practice.

And THAT is the thing that takes you from being waist deep in water to walking through a living aquarium on dry ground.  When you take God at his Word, and live like His word is true, and speak His word back to Him, He is OBLIGATED to bring it to pass.  It is upon His authority that His word MUST come to pass. And when we pray “the word,” in “the name” after living and speaking “the word” in “the name,” it makes us victorious in the war of our words and  that results in the life changing miracles that others can only read about.

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War of the Words, Pt. 1

I am in the most AMAZING place in my life!  I am beginning again.

I wonder what Moses must have felt.  Not after the 40 years on the backside of the desert, but after the waters parted…just as he was beginning the arduous, miraculous trek through the red sea.  No mud between his toes; with a crystal clear aquarium on either side, and a few million of his closest friends/greatest detractors walking alongside him.

He had, only a short while ago, shut the door on the life he once had. He let go of a family that provided him prominence at a price, to embrace a family that needed him (even if they did not always necessarily want him). With that family, came a heavy duty assignment: take a discontented, disorganized group of people out of their poverty mentality and their place of oppression, into a place of opulence and abundance.

Now, both places God did amazing, supernatural miracles to show that He was for them and that they were truly His people.  And both places required them to be strong in the face of their enemies.  But in the place of promise, they had become so accustomed to fighting as the underdog they could not accept that the tables had turned…or how they had turned. They were no longer slaves.  They were destined to be on the winning side. The balance of power shifted because one man heard, believed and acted on the Word of God.

Remember, no one had actually heard from God in a very long time. They remembered everything God said before He stopped talking, but His word had been distorted in their minds and mouths by the generations of slavery and the feelings of defeat that had come with them. When Moses came, with God’s word in his mouth, they could not handle it or even recognize it. It didn’t sound anything like what they were saying.

While Moses was truly an Israelite, he came with the credentials of royalty AND he was protected from their slavery mentality.  So he was the only one who understood what God was saying and had the sense to agree with it.  He also knew without that word from God, his kinsmen wouldn’t make it out of Egypt alive.

So here I am: having walked away from my immediate family and a slavery/provision at a price lifestyle. I’ve stood waist-deep in water, having just seen the red sea split in two, and am just beginning my trek on impossibly, and unbelievably dry ground.

How do I mean?  I have a beyond pleasant working relationship with my former husband. He has become the father his sons have desperately needed.  God has returned the sons to their father and the father to his sons.  And while God did not restore our marriage, he restored our life-long FRIENDSHIP for which I would not trade the world.  I am in a marvelously thriving relationship with a wonderful man that is more than making up for what I had long been sorely missing.  We are all in a place where we can continue to point our children to Christ.

I am in various stages of developing THREE careers in community service that are all dove-tailing together. And I love each one of them. I feel my sense of purpose being fulfilled in ways that absolutely defy my imagination.

There’s a lot that is happening between the walking away from and the walking into. I know I have only just seen the red sea part, and I still have LOTS of walking to do…but much like Moses (and I suspect, like many others), it all began with a Word from the Lord.  And, also much like Moses, I know how the story ends (especially if I don’t lose my cool at other people’s responses to what God is doing in and through me).

God really has a thing about words.  Not just His words but OUR words.

There is an element of His Sovereignty that has been imparted to us with our ability to choose.  It is the one component that God takes His hand completely out of.  Oh, He is with us before and after our choice is made, no matter whether the choice is good or bad. But, the choice is totally on us.

This is why we must be very deliberate about our choice of words.  God is very clear about the fact that our words are procreative. It is a part of who we are that is in the express image of God the Father. He says over and over in His Word that our words will either produce life or death. It is also our ability to display the actions that correspond to our words that hangs in the balance.  Our actions add value to the words we speak.

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