It’s Kinda Like An Onion…

I have been spending a lot of time over at my sweetie’s house.  It was the home of his late parents and it’s filled with lots of mementos of their great love for one another and for their children. Anytime I come for a visit, I feel so peaceful and surrounded by love and I know it’s because of the way my darling makes me feel. But, it’s also because that was instilled in him deeply by the way his dad loved his mom.  I heard a lot about things like that, but I’ve never seen what the ripple effect of it looked like quite so intimately.
Lately, though, I’ve been getting this other ‘sensation.’ There was a deep melancholy that was beginning to become overwhelming.  I attributed it to the fact that we are coming upon the one year anniversary of his mother’s passing.  It made sense as James was recently re-showing me pictures of what she looked like in that last week of her life.  The late stage of her illness consumed her quickly and the evidence was dramatic.  I could sense his sadness coming over him.
Today, it was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, that there was something much deeper going on and I did not need to fear. But I did need to be aware and be an active participant in what He was doing in this family home.
Very often on Saturdays, James and his brother David will have breakfast with their childhood friend.  This particular Saturday, after breakfast, James took me on a little tour.  Having recently celebrated 9 years of being drug free, he felt comfortable showing me how far God had brought him. I had the opportunity to see some of the places he frequented in the days of his addiction.  It was very sobering, and I was grateful that he wanted to share this with me. At the same time, that melancholy began to get heavier and heavier.
By the time we got back to his house, I was so restless that I just walked around for about 5 minutes.  I found myself in the master bedroom and suddenly felt compelled to pray.  I went and announced my intentions, explained that he and David should pay no attention to ‘whatever’ they might hear in the other room and asked not to be disturbed.
So, I found myself face-first on the oatmeal colored shag carpet, in deep intercession.  You know the kind…wailing from my gut, praying in my Spirit Language, tears flowing, snot bubbling, shaking, sobbing, so-you-can’t-breathe prayer.  When I got a release from that is when it got REALLY interesting.
I began to pray for James’s ex-wife and their children.  Then I prayed for his grand-children.  I prayed for his brother David, whom I love dearly, and for his brother Jon, with whom he is estranged. I prayed for Jon’s wife and daughter. And then I prayed for James.
That’s when it hit me.  It wasn’t melancholy I was feeling.  It was TRAVAILING.  It was the mournful, faith-filled prayers of a mother who knew there was yet work to be done in seeing a miracle done in her family.
I have gotten to know Miss Jewell over the last few months. I have watched video footage of her singing and seen pictures of her with her family.  I have even read some of her writings from when she was taking Psychology classes when her kids were older.  I know I would have loved her.  I do love her.  She always wanted to put the best spin on things.  She was determined to out-live the negative words that may have been spoken over her by family members.  She sang like an angel. And she had a comical lighthearted out-look on life, but DID NOT TAKE FOOLISHNESS.
I’d like to think we might have been friends…she sounds a lot like ME.
Which is why it made sense that I would be so in-tuned to the prayers of this righteous woman that were lingering in the air like a heavenly aroma. Even after we are gone, our prayers continue to bombard Heaven.  God’s word, having been put in His face on behalf of our loved ones, will not return void.  That is God’s promise.  It is also our inheritance.
And I can see, by the love James has for David and the acrimony he has for Jon, that the work she had been praying for, for years, had not yet been accomplished.  Oh, James has been delivered from his past, but he has not yet seen the promised land.  His heart aches for a sense of purpose.  There is a restlessness about him that only someone who loves him deeply would notice.  Like a mother…or a sweetheart.
And so, I have accepted the mantle that has been placed within my spirit, by the prayers of Miss Jewell.  I will add my faith to hers to see that the will of the Lord is accomplished with her family, that I have now taken as my own.  Just like I have done with my late Grandmother Ellen and my late mother Joyce. I have combined my faith with theirs and layed them as prayers upon the lives of all of my family members.  It’s kinda like an onion.  There are so many prayers of faith wrapped around these people, they have NO CHOICE but to come to God.  The love of Christ will compell them.  His word has been spoken over and upon them…it SHALL come to pass.
I wonder…who’s been praying over YOU?  Can you feel those prayers wrapped around you like an invisible force field, driving your heart in the direction of the cross of Christ and protecting you from your own worst instincts?
Do you think that maybe it’s time you returned the favor and added a couple of layers of your own?
Well?  What are you still sitting there for?
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