How Does He DO That?


My life is pretty cool.

My Pastor, Dan Willis, is truly the only father I have ever known. He also sings his face off (for those who don’t get it, that’s a compliment)!  His latest musical project just got released (shameless plug for A Man, His Piano and His Worship – and I have the distinct privilege to sing back-up for him on some of his promotional events.  In order to rehearse, the singers got advance copies of the CD to practice with. When I am learning a new song, I practice in My Mobile Tabernacle (so as not to disturb the bears at home) and it’s about a 25-30 minute ride home from work or church so that gives me plenty of time to work it out.

As a rule, when I first get a CD, I play it all the way through, first song to last. The songs I was learning for back-up were numbers 6 & 10. So, here is my little dilemma; I could never get past tracks 4 & 5, “You Love Me,” and, “Isn’t He Good All the Time,” respectively. I played them, back to back, all the way to church, sat in the parking lot and played them for a half an hour more.

They play beautifully together and the words dovetail into one another.  It’s as if you had God by the hand and were talking to Him in the presence of others, then you turned to the others (still holding His hand) to discuss this Wonderful Friend you all share.

The chorus of track 4 simply says, “You love me as if I were the only one to love.”

Track 5 could easily be a multiple-person conversation: “Isn’t He good all the time? Isn’t this a rich life He provides? While there may have been times I’ve stepped out of His will, I have never been out of His care.”

But all of that is what brought me to our topic for the day.  God really IS good all the time.  My life really is rich. I have always been in His care, because He DOES love me as if I were the only one to love.

How does He DO that?

The divine mystery of my broken mess of an existence, the result of multiple lifetimes spent screwing up the original purpose of mankind to suit our momentary lusts and desires, creating eternal internal damage.  AND YET, God, so desperate to make me a part of His family, clothed Himself in one of these wretched earth-suits and sacrificed Himself to Himself to satisfy His own law and pay a debt He did not owe.

Now, I know me.  I know I’m not worth that much.  Do you know anybody worth that much?  Do you think YOU are worth that much?

Top that off with the fact that He doesn’t just love us enough to redeem us.  He loves us enough to take the stench of sin off of us…repeatedly. Isn’t He good all the time?

How does He make me feel so special? Multiple billions of people in the existence of mankind; Billions of people in existence right now; and yet, if I were the only one on the planet, if YOU were the only one on the planet, He would have done for just one what He’s done for so many.

Pastor Dan once said, “God saved you because there is a piece of Him in you with which he wants to be reunited.”  Could it be that God needs to be whole?  And the only thing that will make Him whole is to be united with US? If we came from Him and there is a piece of Him in us, that makes sense.So much of Jesus talking in the book of John was Him praying to unify the people of God with Him and as a consequence, unifying the people of God with God Himself.  What an extreme love!  What perfect love!  No wonder the Bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear…what on earth is there to be afraid of if the Maker of the Universe loves you and me so completely?

Just having God as a friend, to know Him and to know that He loves you so much makes you feel loved, safe, protected and provided for. Who wouldn’t want a love like that? I don’t suppose it matters so much HOW He does it.  I’m just really glad He does!


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