Which God is Yours?

I have been trying to write this for the last THREE WEEKS.

I have a hard time with Christians that come off with that sickly, saccharine-sweet tone, talking about how wonderful God is and that He gives you ever thing you need whenever you ask.  You know…the “seeker friendly” types that just want you to get you in the Kingdom so they can say they won you to the Lord.  Not that it matters if they never sold you on the ‘fine print.’ GEESH!

From the foundation of FAITH, all the way back to Father Abraham, there are a couple of factors/FACTS that are in direct, inevitable correlation with walking by faith:

*The enemy (the father of LIES) is not happy with your relationship with God.

*The enemy will provide you will ALL MANNER of resistance to that relationship.

*The enemy will attempt to use every other relationship you have (with people, places AND things) to prevent you from going deeper in that relationship with God.

*The enemy’s best tool against that relationship will almost always be YOU!

When you go into your relationship with God (your walk of faith) with unrealistic expectations, it magnifies anything that could ever possibly go wrong.  Then you feel betrayed by the God that failed you…which in essence was not the God you were sold on.  And that, in turn, causes the wholesale rejection of God based on false advertising.

Why do you think there are so many atheists and agnostics that are former Christians?  There are many (I do not assume to speak for all) that are disappointed and confused by the many troubles that they and people they know have faced. From the time that they accepted “Christ”, they just figured certain things should not have happened because of their belief in the “loving God” they were told about.  I have known and met a few.  It always saddens me, because at that point, there is really no talking to them about a relationship with God.  They don’t want to hear how they got hoodwinked.  It burns me.  It makes me white-hot mad because if they had been told the truth, they most likely would have been on fire for the Real Jesus.

It all goes back to one of my favorite adages: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. God is very clear about what His relationship boundaries are. And He is very clear about who His is and who He is not.

God is NOT a doormat.  Nor is He Santa Claus. Nor faulty (like we humans).  Nor manipulative. Nor unrealistic. He will never demand of you what you are incapable of (apart from Him).

God IS LOVE, so whether or not He loves us should never be a question. God is good…ALL THE TIME.  He is also soveriegn. And jealous.  And righteous. And holy.

And this is where the hang-ups kick in. Because, if you’re relying on other people to inform you of who God is and how He works, you are subject to an influx of SEVERE misinformation. A lot of the qualities that people attribute to God do not come from Bible.

Do you remember a grade-school game called “Telephone?”  The teacher would tell one student something to pass along to the next student. Each student would tell the next student until they got to the last kid, who would say what he was told and it NEVER sounded ANYTHING like what the teacher said.

That’s kind of what happens when you don’t take the time to discover the God of the Bible for yourself. You will always be disappointed by the God you have made of other’s imaginations.


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