I am an odd duck.  The fact of which, I am loathe to deny.  From my “hyper-sensitive awareness” (which is what I like to call my undiagnosed ADD), to my ‘unorthodox’ relationship with God, to my eclectic taste in movies and music: I am NOT your ‘run-of-the-mill’ pastor, mother, writer or anything else.

BUT my struggles are pretty much like everybody else’s…so are my solutions.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I’ve been through some stuff. I’ve been tried by fire more than once.  As a matter of fact, it’s still pretty hot in these parts.

So, how do I get through the tough times?  SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!!

I walk it out.

**This is a message inspired by a Pastor hailing from Tennessee and Extended Family Member of Lighthouse Church, Terry Black along with the Minister of Condensation, Morris Day.**

One day this week, I spent a lot of time running around in the service of friends and in a quest for a word from the Lord and I KNEW that Pastor Terry Black had it for me.  Pastor Black was teaching a Holy Ghost filled, DYNAMIC seminar series through our All Nations Leadership Institute and I did not want to miss one moment of it. So I had designs to carpool friends to and from the event. HOWEVER I had another friend who was getting married and asked very specifically that I attend on the same night. With my own marriage of 25 years in such a state of limbo, weddings have a sweet-sting to them, but I felt very keenly that I did not need to miss this one.

So, I got off work, scooped up my buddy, dropped her off at church for the conference and high-tailed it nearly 30 miles to get to the wedding on time. The entire time I am jamming Raheem Devaughn, thinking about how much I miss my husband, hoagies from 111th Street and strawberry cheesecake.  I am also praying for my friend and her husband-to-be that God protect them from the past hurts in their lives that could bring harm to their future if they don’t check them early (hyper-sensitive awareness kicking into overdrive).

It was a sweet, simple wedding.  The bride and groom were gloriously in love and everything went off without a hitch. I was so glad to be there; so grateful to be asked. I kissed the bride, hugged the groom, trotted off to my car and high-tailed it nearly 30 miles back to catch the last part of the conference.

God is The Great Coordinator…The Ultimate Economist. He never wastes a moment.  I got there just in time to get my word.

Pastor Terry Black was addressing the subject of the three Hebrew boys.  When God showed up in the fire, they were all walking about freely in the fire. The point of focus was that they were walking about FREELY.  They were free in spite of the fact that they were in the fire.  They took their ease in a place where men who sent them to die had become mere ashes at their feet.

The anointing of God was thick in that room.  It felt like the heavy dew that rests upon a meadow just before sunrise. We worshipped, unabashed and unashamed, prophesying and praying over one another long after we had been dismissed. It was a delicious experience: A spiritual feast upon which we all dined abundantly.

So, here I am, sometime later, having dealt with the harsh reality of life beyond the afterglow. I recognized that, in the face of my circumstances, I continue to serve, encourage, worship and work. The words of Pastor Black have been ringing in my ears and instinctively coming out of my mouth, “I’m fine in the fire.” But, do you know what sealed the confession and propelled me into this blog? I give you the profound inquisition of “Minister” Morris Day in the era of the Magnificent Seven originally known as The Time. And I quote, “1, 2, 3, 4. What the hell are we fighting for? WALK!”

“Everybody walk your body.”

What occurred to me was, if I’m not the one who has to do the fighting and I have the liberty to walk out my faith, even in the midst of great tribulation, what is my rush?  I’m in the fire, but I’m not on fire. And like Morris said, “Walkin’s for the cool, baby.” Even in the fire, I can do that!  As long as God is in the fire with me and I keep walking, I’m fine in the fire. If this is what it takes for me to shine, I’m fine in the fire. If I have to stay in here until everything about me reflects Jesus Christ, I’m fine in the fire.

We will not feel the fire of our circumstances as long as we continue to walk out our faith.  When we come out, we won’t even smell like smoke.

So, what are YOU waiting for?  If we’re gonna walk it out, LET’S GET TO STEPPIN’!!!


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