Get R.E.A.L., Part 2, by Monica Guthrie


E-Embrace The next step is to embrace the word of God, his instructions as well as his promises for your life.  If we don’t read, embrace, his word how can we know what to do, how to walk, how to act? We have become so programmed by the world’s standards by the television shows, movies, and music that we see and listen to.  There’s vulgarity and sex everywhere ever in commercials.  But God has called us to a higher standard.  We’ve even allowed our church language to change.  When someone sings really well we say “She’s a beast” of He’s killin it”.   Even though we mean it in a good way, our minds don’t know what’s negative and what’s positive anymore.  We need to embrace God’s promises and start speaking them over our lives. The only way for us to do that is to OPEN THE BOOK.  If I gave you a piece of paper that was folded up and told you that directions that would lead you to 5 million dollars was on that piece of paper, and you could have it. How would you find out the location of the money?? You would have to open it up right? It makes no sense to run around the city looking for something and never taking the time to look at the direction.  God has an awesome benefit package all set up for us, but if we never take the time to look at our package, directions to obtain them and know what those benefits are, they will just sit there unopened and unused.

A-Align by definition means to place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight. Be into adjustment with. Line up with a group or a way of thinking. Bring into proper or desirable coordination correlation. That’s what we must do. Psalm 119:105(NIV) “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow your righteous laws. To get real, the way God intended we must line ourselves up with the word of God and his instructions for us.  How does he say we should behave? What should we do? He’s our GPS! When he says turn right, turn right, stop, stop. He WILL get us to our destination.  I know some times I’ve programmed my GPS in my car, but I thought that the way the GPS had me going was too far out the way or incorrect. So what did I do? I went a way I thought was better.  Most of the times, it took me longer to get there by using my “shortcut” instead of just listening and obeying the directions.  Sometimes it was traffic the way I went, or a detour I didn’t know about. But because I keep my GPS updated it knew and was taking me around it. Same with God, If we stay connected to him and spend time regularly in his presence, our GPS (God Positioning System) stays up to date. He’ll help us to avoid certain road blocks, detours, and other things that may prolong us reaching our destination (our destiny). Following Christ is as fun as you make it. I’m not from the Christian Gloom and Doom school that believes if you’re really saved, you should be poor, and look blah, etc. My God has ABSOLUTELY NO intentions on our lives being boring. The word says that “I come that you might have life more abundantly”. But we have gotten to a point that we can’t tell the Christians from the world because everyone wants to just BLEND IN. Many aren’t in alignment because you are walking around with fake ID’s.  You are not living the ID that God created for your life.  You’ve allowed people like Nikki Minaj tell you that you’re a monster and Lil Wayne to tell you that you’re a goon. Watchin’ this mess on TV saying let me stand on tables and fight because someone said something I don’t like. We have become carbon copies of the world and not God. God wants us to stand out. Not always in a crazy Nikki Minaj way, but so there is a difference, so his light shines through us for others to see. There are things we just shouldn’t do simply because they don’t line up with the word of God.


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