Blood Sugar Stabilization and Nutrition for Balance and Wellness Pt. 2, by Colin Sexton

I would like to use a car analogy of this scenario.  (I apologize for all who read this who could care less about cars 🙂 )  Picture this:  You have a nice car, say… a 1993 Vibrant Orange Mustang Cobra, not satisfied with the stock 225 horsepower, you decide to modify it with “supplements”.  You decide to port the heads, get a nice cam, some headers, an X-Pipe with no cats and also a Vortech S-Trim Supercharger.  Sound nice huh?  Wow!  What GREAT supplements!!!  Now, instead of 7 quarts of Mobil One synthetic oil, you pour in 12 quarts of oil from the McDonald’s deep fryer and Mt. Dew for the gas tank.  How good are all those “supplements” for your car now?  Your car will stop running very quickly no matter how good of quality of supplements you have.

The body is the same way.  It starts with nutrition.  I like to recommend Elaine Bennett for more in depth nutrition coaching as she is not only very educated on this but is herself an international health coach.  I urge you all to contact her as she will be more than happy to help you.

As far as supplements, there are many great additions to our diet such as fish oil, Flax seed, Multi vitamins (Do your research on multi’s as many do not even break down or are chemically processed/synthesized etc.) Glucosamine is great for achy joints, anti-oxidants are also important to help fight colds, virus and even more serious ailments like cancer.

I actually recommend the Monavie RVL product for proper weight management or added nutrition.  Their protein bars are a great balance of protein, good carbs and anti-oxidants.  The RVL system actually offers the highest “nutrition per calorie” over any system with the highest potency of Acai and anti-oxidants.  It does not contain the harmful artificial sweeteners a lot of the others have.  There are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Each person program will vary depending on their body chemistry/composition, current nutrition intake, exercise etc.   Making important lifestyle changes of any kind is never easy so we must look at “why” we are doing this.  For personal appearance, overall wellness or to help resolve or prevent specific  health issues.  We need to first have a game plan.

First:  Program where you want to go, visualize it and the end result.

Like a GPS, we punch in where we want to go, follow the proper information to reach our destination and arrive.  Sometimes things throw us off course.  If that happens, simply “recalculate” and get back on track. 

Second:  Set a goal.  (See my post below on goal setting) Make it realistic and obtainable but write it down.  Set it in stone.  If for whatever reason you fail to reach it, try again.  You never fail unless you give up.  DON’T GIVE UP!

Keep score-I am going to write my next article on this exact topic.  Keeping score in LIFE, so stay tuned. Keeping score is essential because it is the only way to know if you’re winning or losing towards your towards your journey to reach your goal.

Over all, look at where you are, what changes you are wanting to make, why and how.  Ask yourself this simple question: “From where to what by when”.  Again, it isn’t always easy but it IS always worth it.  Find yourself a handful of qualified people who can and are willing to help you get the results you want or better yet, a COMMUNITY of people.  I have several people I can recommend for different things and I myself love to help others so please feel free to contact me or add me on Facebook as:!/colin.lifeleadership

Please “LIKE” and “share” this post and website if you have found this information helpful in any way or if it will help someone you love.

God Bless!

Colin Sexton


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