Thomas Called Didymus Pt. 4 (Conclusion), by Marion Henry

And so, Jesus says, “I have to make another trip to get the twin, I’m going to get the twin because I’m tired of you being here and not being here, singing and not singing, serving and not serving, happy but not happy…I wanna get your twin.”

The real enemy is in-a-me. It’s me tripping me. It’s me missing from the service – body here mind somewhere else. It’s me the one the saints don’t see: The one that does not come when Jesus appears. It’s the twin that is missing. It is the twin that is not whole. You’re not going crazy it’s your twin!

Somebody is in trouble. Somebody is not free. Somebody is not rejoicing. Somebody does not believe. Somebody is discouraged. Somebody is at their wits end because the only time you show the other twin is when everybody leaves and all the saints go home. You get back to the house by yourself, you just hang the twin up and you go to bed; and that’s why you’ve been waking up at all hours of the night. It’s your twin that keeping you awake. It’s the twin that’s got you walking the floor; that keeps tears in the corner of your eye and you wipe them away before anyone gets a chance to see them because they don’t even know that you have a twin.

And your twin is in trouble. Your twin is restless, empty, tired and discouraged. And as long as the other twin shows up, people don’t even know that you are in trouble. They would encourage you but your twin fooled them and showed up instead of you.

People don’t rescue you if you don’t scream.  They don’t come if you don’t holler.  As long as you look like you’re ok they keep wanting more and more and more from you. And they don’t understand that you’re just as tired as the person you’re encouraging. Because they don’t notice that you are in trouble because your twin keeps showing up instead.

It was not Jesus first visit to the disciples that moved me.  I understand why he would come for the 10 even if one of them was missing. These were His boys.  But He comes back into the same room only for one. 

I tell you today if everybody was ok but you Jesus would come just for you! Because He loves you, Jesus would come just for you.

You are important to God. There’s a destiny over your life, there’s a purpose over your life, there’s a calling over your life and Jesus is saying I don’t want half of you in and half of you out, half of you free and half of you bound. So Jesus says whatever I have to do I’m going to see to it that I get you delivered.

If you’re in trouble, here comes Jesus. He’s Jesus coming after you. He’s coming after what’s worrying you. He’s coming where your anxiety is; where your crisis is. He’s coming into your pain. He’s coming into your dilemma.  Give him some praise! Not only that, let your twin praise him! Let your inner self praise him right now!

So look at this as I close: when Jesus comes through the door he doesn’t argue with Thomas. He doesn’t rebuke him for not being there, He doesn’t criticize him. He just says reach hither your hand.

Wait a minute…Jesus wasn’t even in the room when Thomas gave the criteria and yet he knew what it took to get Thomas in agreement with what he was about to do. He walks in the door and says reach hither your hand and feel the nail print in my hand, reach hither and thrust your hand into my side.

God is about to put your hand on what you need in order to believe him for what he is about to do. You haven’t been able to put your finger on it but God going to put your hand on the place that you need to be in to get what God has for you.

Jesus needs us to be whole.  Today Jesus has come so that He can get your twin before your twin gets you.  He’s here today to bring wholeness to both your and your twin.

What do I need to be whole?  First you have to admit that you’re not whole and then you have to have the courage to not care what the other disciples think. You’ve got to have the courage to come into agreement with yourself.  You see, we’ve always limited the scripture if any two of you agree there I will be in the midst to mean we need to agree with our prayer partner but the problem with that is that our prayer partner has only met one of the twins. It’s not you that I need to come into agreement; it’s with Didymus, my twin. 

As I googled the internet to find out what Didymus meant, it also said that Thomas alone was instrumental in bringing the gospel to India.  But he really was not alone because he took his twin.  Because Jesus showed up, He brought Thomas and his twin into agreement. You see alone isn’t really alone, if you look at the spelling it’s actually al-one.  As soon as we get our twin straight everything that God promised you is waiting on that one part of you to come into alignment with God so you can also be al-one.



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