Thomas Called Didymus Pt. 2: Don’t Fill the Whole Picture with One Moment of Doubt


What I like of about John’s Gospel is that it’s not so much about the life of Christ; it is a powerful testament that Jesus was, and is, the very heaven-sent Son of God and the only source of eternal life.

John discloses Jesus’ identity with his very first words, “1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.” And John sums up his description with verse 14And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

John tells us stuff that Matthew, Mark and Luke do not tell us.  John had a way of noticing things that others didn’t notice. And it is John who notices and records that Thomas, one of the twelve was not with them when Jesus came.  He doesn’t just tell us what is there he tells us what is missing.  This is a characteristic of a seasoned eye that is able to not only see what is there but what is missing.  Someone was missing. 

Sometimes we cannot move forward until we fix what’s missing.  We’ll all get to a point in our lives were we are going to have to deal with what’s missing.  Instead of putting on a façade and trying to convince people that everything is all right we need say God I need you to fix what is missing.

For does the Word not say that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what we can ask or think according to the power that works in us? The Bible also says in Philippians, “being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Jesus is concerned about us being complete in him and he teaches us about the value of completion when he says to the shepherd if you have a hundred sheep and one of them gets caught up and goes astray leave the 90 and 9 to go after the one.  Is it the one that is so valuable? No it is the set that is valuable and the one missing completes the set.

A set of antique china is more value with all the pieces than when one cup is missing.  A pair of shoes has no value if you only have one.

The missing pieces become valuable when they are important to whole. That’s why our families are never complete when one of our children have been lead astray.

I believe that is why John picks this time to tell us that one of them is missing because God is about to take them through a transition and he doesn’t want to take half the group he wants to take everybody. 

Now for years I believe Thomas has suffered unjustly at the hands us teachers and preacher and we have undermined his character and assassinated his name and reduced him down to a description based on a brief moment in his life and called him doubting Thomas.

How dare you look at one sliver of your life and use it to define the totality of your existence. How dare you do that to yourself? How dare you allow what someone else did or said define who you are? You are not defined by one brief mistake you made when you were 20 years old.  How dare you and anyone else put a label on someone to define their entire existence based on brief moment of when their faith was weak?

How hypocritical of us to call him “Doubting Thomas”! Just like Thomas, we have our moments of doubt.  And the disciples doubted him, too.  Look at them…they were shut up behind closed doors, scared to death like a bunch of little girls! Isn’t it funny how folks will kill you over stuff that they themselves have been guilty of doing too?

Oh, I hope somebody’s getting a break through today.  People are crazy! They forget where they’ve come from; what has happened in their lives and they are ready to crucify you and talk about you as if they don’t remember how merciful God has been to them and what God has delivered them from! That’s why the bible says that if a brother is over taken in a fault you who are spiritual restore them in spirit meekness remembering yourself.

The bible doesn’t call him Doubting Thomas. Just because you have a moment of doubt doesn’t mean you are consumed by doubt.  I believe the only time doubt becomes a hindrance to your faith is when it prevents you from moving or action.  Faith requires action.  And I believe as long as we act on something God has a way of turning us around when we begin to go in the wrong direction.  But when we become paralyzed by doubt and fear that’s when we rob ourselves of getting into the flow of God. If doubt leads to questions, the questions lead to answers, and the answers are accepted, then doubt has done a good work.  It is when doubt becomes stubbornness and stubbornness becomes a life style that doubt has robbed us of our faith and destiny. 


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