What About the Rest?

Fear can be quite paralyzing.  It can attack your mind in ways that will literally cause your heart to stop.

The media keeps our attention with fear AT LEAST as much as they do with sex!  Are you really in good hands?  Are you sure you don’t have cancer? Is your spouse cheating on you? Is your water pure enough? Is your child protected at home? At school? On the bus? It’s 9:30; do you even know where your child IS? Is your food fresh enough? Does your refrigerator run cold enough? Do your shoes hurt your back? Does your chair hurt your back? Does your bed hurt your back? Will the dust mites in your bed make you sick? That kind of extreme fear pandering can cause a mind to wax psychotic! When you live in a culture of fear, the mundane and the ordinary can become horrors of epic proportions…in your MIND.

If you can relate to this scenario, I know exactly what you are going through.  There is a quote from “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” where one of the main characters says, “You know me…I take a problem and chew on it ’til all the flavor is gone. Then, I stick it in my hair.”

That’s me.

I think things through a lot…too much, in fact. And I ponder as often on good things as negative ones.  I don’t struggle with it as often anymore, but when I do, even now it can be quite a task to get it in check. I have to put in the work.  But it is a worthwhile endeavor.  Fear has a powerful impact on the physical body.  I suppose the Creator knew a little bit about that.

THIS is why I love the Word of God so very much.  A couple of God’s favorite words are PEACE (mentioned 400 times in the KJV Bible) and REST (380 times). God wanted His children to have reason to hope and not fear. God gives very specific instruction on how your thoughts can either help you to receive or reject the gift of His peace.  That was the whole crux of Philippians 4th Chapter: Think about and do these things so that God’s peace can be yours.

One of the things I have discovered is that Peace is the gift and Rest is the requirement.

Think about it like this: Just because your dad bought you a car doesn’t mean that you are licensed to drive.  And it certainly doesn’t make you a GOOD driver! There are very specific instructions and training that go along with driving a car or it will sit in the garage, going to waste. You have to learn the mechanics of driving and the rules of the road. You have to understand the elements that will inhibit your ability to drive and cause harm to you and others.  And then you have to practice a while before you are allowed to take it out for a spin.  The same applies to entering into the Peace of God and the Rest of God.  Once you have the Peace, you have to learn how to operate it so that you can experience the REST.

As it turns out, much like driving, resting has been a pretty troublesome prospect for a very long time.

And it’s the same dilemma throughout the ages.  If I don’t do it, will it get done?  And will it get done ON TIME?  Ok, so what if He’s God? He’s up there, I’m down here. Does He really see all the little details? Is He really going to take care of this?  Okay, so, He’s done this before.  He’s done it before for ME. What if this time is different?

I have a track record of over-thinking things to the point I can’t actually enjoy the experience or resolve the situation.  It’s kept me up more nights than it was worth.  But then, I got a hold of a passage of scripture that challenged my over-thinking and literally changed my life…


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