Thank You For My Stable, By Sheron Jackson-Freeman

This Wednesday, it’s personal…
      I am privileged to introduce to you someone who knows where all the bones are buried.  Every empty Doritos bag…every decimated case of Pespi…every long lost package of Matt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  This woman has stayed up many nights singing every slow jam that ever played on the radio with me.  She has prayed and cried with me and for me. We have gotten up early a time or two and helped Aunt Mattie make Thanksgiving Dinner (I bet you thought I forgot) and hung out til the wee small hours making cookies in my momma’s kitchen.
      This is my cousin, Sheron Jackson-Freeman.  I love her with all my life.  It is an honor to stand with her as a sister in faith.  We were young and now we are…shall we say “MORE”…and we have still never seen the righteous forsaken, nor their seed begging bread.  What a heritage…what a legacy…what a friend.
      Y’all, say, “Hey,” to my cousin, Sheron!
      I had a note from a saint that truly encouraged my heart on this morning. I went to the bathroom and started to talk to myself. Yes talk to myself!!
      I started naming off all that the enemy had plagued me with, things that just didn’t make any sense, and how my wilderness began on last year. I’ve been through the periods of ups and downs, believing, then not believing, or maybe not believing since the beginning. Trusting, then not trusting, or maybe not trusting since the beginning. Questioning God’s motives and reasons for allowing this and wanting to say, didn’t you realize I would do this dumb thing? Couldn’t you have prevented this?
     But yet while talking, my conversation changed. I started to think about where I am now. Thinking of where I’m living now and the state that I’m in. Then it was like God was saying, “This is what you need to see.”
      He showed me I’m not in the “Inn,” but I’m in the “Stable”. The Inn is the ideal place; the stable is the place to lay my head. The Inn is where you have the comforts of home provided; the stable has just enough to get to the next point. The Inn has the comfortable bed, the Stable may have your bed, though nothing but straw around you (straw meaning things not belonging to you but to others). The Inn is warm and cozy, the stable is warm, but wouldn’t be your ideal choice of coziness.
      But take a look at the “Stable.” Follow me now. Out of the stable was birthed the “Glory.” Out of the Stable was birthed “the promise.” The Stable marked the beginning of the change. Out of the Stable came the miracle. So saints, don’t you worry about your wilderness, how hard it is, how dark it is, how you need the money to make ends meet, how you need peace for your troubled mind, how many darts are being thrown your way. God didn’t allow me a room in the Inn for a reason. God leads you into the wilderness for a reason. God wanted me/us in the Stable. It’s the place where you have to rely on Him for your very existence. You won’t have all that you desire, you won’t have the comforts of the Inn, and you may have many Innkeepers telling you over and over again, there is no vacancy. But there is a spot in the Stable, where the blessing will be birthed.
     I believe that Mary was very pregnant by the time she got to the Stable. Throughout your wilderness, you are pregnant waiting for delivery. Thank God for what is growing inside. Truth is growing, deliverance is growing, happiness is growing, prayer life is growing, and dependence on God is growing. Knowing that soon and very soon the miracle of life is to spring forth. And when God delivers that blessing, you will forget all that you went through prior, it will be worth the wait, if you wait on the “Glory”!!!
     So Lord I thank you for my Stable. Because it’s from the Stable that deliverance is nigh unto the saints!!!!
      Your Stable is only for a season. Once it’s completed its purpose, it’s gone.
      Just lay your head down and rest in Jesus while in the Stable. Thank Him. The Stable is tailor-made for your blessing and for your release.

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