BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING (WHO AM I?) Part One, By Juanita Lockett

When you look up the phrase, “Southern Belle,” there should be a picture of this guest blogger attached.

Pastor, (soon-to-be) Dr. Juanita Lockett is as gentle as a breeze blowin’ off the bayou and as powerful as a hurricane charging from the gulf. This is one of the most intelligent, logical SENSIBLE women I have ever met that knows exactly when to lead from her head while following her heart.  I have never known a woman of God who can do the things she does, the way she does it. To describe her with the word Extraordinary is wholly unjust, for Juanita is so much more than that to me.  And I know a whole church of people who would agree…HOLLA BACK, LIGHTHOUSE!!!

Juanita is our Pastor of Choirs.  She coordinates everything from our children’s choir to Chozen, our 100 voiced youth choir, is the head director for our award winning All Nations Choir as well as working with our special events choirs.  She does all of this while teaching courses at a university, our church’s leadership institute AND pursuing her doctorate! And these are only her most recent accomplishments.  You only get the kind of testimony she has by coming through a special brand of trial-by-fire. But she has come out shining with the love, compassion and authority of her Gracious Savior.

So when I tell you she has a word from the Lord worthy of a two week guest spot, I am not exaggerating.  She preached this message tonight on Lighthouse’s “The Art of Worship,” streams live from our website ( ) on Wednesday nights.  And she graciously allowed me to share it with you.


Pastor Dan has been teaching us on “Who Am I?” and in continuing with this thought I will be speaking on we are “Blessed to Be a Blessing.”

Blessed to be A Blessing…what a catchy phrase…I tell our music team all the time…we are “Blessed to Be a Blessing.” It is an honor to be able to bless folks with music every Sunday; to watch your faces as God begins to minister through the avenue of music. I love watching as the anointing begins to destroy the yokes of bondages.

On a personal level, one of my love languages is cooking for others…I love to bless folks with some good pot roast, greens and cornbread, baby back ribs, fried chicken wings, banana pudding…no, don’t ya’ll all be coming to me for a dinner date:)

But, seriously, the more I begin to study what our purpose is…Who am I? God took me back to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5…when Jesus was preaching his sermon on the mount and talking about the “Beatitudes” and how we are the “Salt and Light”…and, there was more to this little sermon than I ever realized. We are blessed to be a blessing…Jesus said that we, His disciples, are to be the “Salt and Light” in the earth…to our world!

What did Jesus mean when He said in Matthew 5:13-14, “Ye are the salt of earth…Ye are the light of the world”?

  1. What does salt do?
  • Has over 14,000 uses!
  • Preservative: prevents mold, keeps foods fresh,
  • Cleanser to removes odors and stains
  • Antiseptic to disinfect and get rid of infection
  • Health and beauty ingredient
  • Pesticide to get rid of insects
  • Seasoning or Flavor: NO OTHER SEASONING HAS BEEN FOUND THAT CAN TAKE ITS PLACE! Salt accents the flavor of meat dishes, brings out the individuality of vegetables, and puts “oomph” into bland starches (example of applying to mash potatoes!)
  •  Makes one thirsty!!!!

2.  What does light do?

  • Reresents righteousness, truth and goodness
  • Necessary to bring life
  • All life depends upon sun’s energy
  • Overcomes and dispels darkness
  • Awakens, cheers, comforts
  • Reveals, heals, determines seasons
  • Like a Lighthouse, light saves lives!


However, before we can be a blessing, we first must be blessed! There is a process!!!! If you look at the preceding scriptures, Matthew Jesus is telling us that in order to be “Salt and Light” we must first apply the Blessed Attitudes or the Beatitudes which are our code of ethics and standard of conduct. Blessed comes from the Latin word “Beatus” which is where we get “Beatitude” and means “fortunate” or “happy.”


  • Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Poor in the Greek means “one who has nothing and is completely empty”….not poverty poor because God wants us to increase, even as our soul increases…He wants to enlarge our territory…but “poor in spirit” means to realize that without God, I am nothing. Poor in Spirit is humbling ourselves before the mighty hand of God and realizing I can never save myself…I need Jesus! Being poor in spirit is when I am conscious of sins and know in my heart that without the Grace of God I am completely unworthy. I Got to have His Glory and Mercy applied to my life everyday…I cannot make it without Him!

Only the poor in spirit will enter into the Kingdom of God because they come to God having full knowledge of just how lost we are without Him! The poor in spirit are those who have placed their faith, hope and trust in Jesus Christ!



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