“Christianna Throws a Pajama Party”, by Sonja Michelle Crockett

Sonja Michelle Crockett is a living, breathing miracle and testimony to God’s faithfulness.  Intelligent and accomplished, she has endured inexplicable paralysis on two occasions less than a year apart. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called Neuro Myelitis Optica, an auto immune disease likened to Multiple Sclerosis.

She has gone on to declare and receive healing from God to become a vibrant and active worshipper at Lighthouse Church of All Nations as well as an accomplished author of children’s stories.


Here is an excerpt from one of her books based on the character called Christianna in  “Christianna Throws a Pajama Party”:


Today was the big day. Christianna’s mother, Mrs. Alexander, said that Christianna could have a pajama party. Christianna was going to do it glam-style.

She invited her three BFFs (Best Friends Forever), “Cee Cee”, “Baby Girl”, and Kwanzaa.

The day before, Christianna’s brothers, Christian and Christopher, helped Christianna make a homemade Hollywood sign, which they spelled “H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-D”.

They tape the sign on the wall in the living room.

Mrs. Alexander sets the food on the table.

There is deli meat, cheese, a fruit tray, a vegetable tray, pizza, potato chips, cookies, cakes, candy, soda, and much, much more.

Even Christianna’s baby brother, Javaris, contributes by placing his bottle of milk on the table.

He wants to be a part of the event, too.

In the far corner of the living room is a chair, specially decorated for Christianna.

The chair has strands of fake pearls, a cardboard crown Christianna got from a restaurant, and a broom leaning against the chair to use so she could crown her royal subjects.

Christianna is wearing a silver glittered, short-sleeved shirt, a long black skirt, pink, satin ballerina shoes, and a baby blue blanket tucked in the back of her shirt worn as a royal robe, a peach ribbon that reads “Queen”, and eight colorful candy rings on eight of her ten fingers.

Her mother puts a bun on the top of her head decorated with two rhinestone combs.

Christianna feels like a movie star.

Christian agrees to carry Christianna around as though he were her personal assistant only if she pays him a dollar.

Christianna agrees.

There is a knock at the door.

“They’re here,” Christianna thought.

Christian carries Christianna to the door.

“Who is it?” Mrs. Alexander asks.

“Baby Girl”, Kwanzaa, and “Cee Cee”, they all answer at the same time.

Mrs. Alexander opens the door.

Christian plants Christianna on her feet to let her greet her friends. “Good day, Lady “Baby Girl”. Welcome, Duchess “Cee Cee”. Hello, Princess Kwanzaa,” Christianna says.

The girls hug and kiss Christianna on her left cheek, then her right cheek.

The horse doves are on the table,” says Christianna.

She meant to say hors d´oeuvres (pronounced awr durv).

Mrs. Alexander directs the girls to the bathroom, so that they could wash their hands.

Christian carries Christianna to her throne.

“Now, get out!” Christianna yells at Christian, Christopher, and Javaris.

“Get out!!!” Christianna repeats.

Mrs. Alexander tells Christianna that was not nice and tells her to say she is sorry.

“Sorry,” Christianna says with an attitude.

She really was not sorry.

She was showing of in front of her friends.

Mrs. Alexander walks the boys to the family room, so they could play video games.

While Mrs. Alexander was not looking, Christopher sticks out his tongue at Christianna.

Christianna rolls her eyes at him, then sits on her homemade throne until her BFFs are done eating.

“Baby Girl”, Kwanzaa, and “Cee Cee” all sit on the couch while Christianna tells them the first event planned.

“First, we are going to do our make-up,” Christianna says.

Christianna has four make-up kits. One for each of them.

Christianna notices one kit is missing.

She kept thinking what could have possibly happened to the fourth make-up kit?

In walks a “creature like no other”. A figure with a blonde, dirty, matted shoulder-length wig, pink eyeshadow above the eyebrows, ruby red blush in the form of a circle on each cheek, orange lipstick crookedly placed on the lips, and obviously wearing a pair of Mrs. Alexander’s size 8 high heel shoes.

The “creature like no other” wobbles in the living room with the girls, barely able to walk in the high heels, and knees knocking together.

It is Christian.

Horrified by the interruption, Christianna screams, “Mom!!”

Christian laughs, takes off the shoes, and takes off running before Mrs. Alexander enters the room.


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