The Little Things

I’m a pretty simple girl.  I guess, I’m what you’d call a cheap date.  I don’t need to be impressed by ‘stuff.’ I like the priceless things that cost nothing, like…humor and laughter, sincerity, intelligence, genuine interest and concern.  I would rather be entertained by a good game of ‘words with friends’ and (with another person in the same room, we call it ‘scrabble’?), a bowl of rocky road ice cream in front of a good dvd  SO MUCH MORE than a night on the town.  Call me a ‘barefoot bumpkin’…I’m okay with that…no apologies given.  I like my life that way.  It makes it easy to gauge the real from the fake.  Let me see who you really are…I’ll take you as I find you. And I’ll love you anyway. Even if it means I have to love you from afar.

I wasn’t always like this.  My name is Janeé and I’m a recovered drama junkie.  I was born into drama. It was all I knew for the better part of my life. When I tried to escape it, I began to miss it, so I created it wherever I was.  It wasn’t until a divine revelation from Creflo Dollar that I began my pursuit of the simple life.

Many years ago, when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida, I did not have a church home, so I watched the likes of Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyer to sustain me.  I could not get enough of the strong meat that they provided and God honored that. 

At that time, Pastor Dollar was teaching on the tabernacle and relationships.  He taught that if your body is the Temple of the Most High God, we should manage our relationships as if we were, in fact, a temple.  We have an outer-court, an inner-court and a Most Holy Place, to which temple rules applied.  It structured my social circles with clear, definitive boundaries.  The outer-court was for general acquaintances. The inner-court was for people that required more stringent scrutiny.  There could be no one there that was in it exclusively for their own purpose. They had to want more from me and for me than their own personal satisfaction. 

Entry into the Most Holy Place, much like in the Bible days, was a life or death prospect. If I let someone in who’s intentions did not honor God, not only would it contaminate the gift on my life, it could cost them theirs. And to have more than a handful of people with access to this place was fatally dangerous.  I came to understand that I had entirely too many people in my Most Holy Place and that my criteria for entering needed to be adjusted.  And it needed to be adjusted by teeny, tiny increments.  This is how I learned the blessing and curse of the little things.

The Bible talks about the little foxes spoiling the vines (Song of Solomon 2:15).  I think about the little things that bring down whole companies, ministries, relationships and even lives.  Things like pride, a lack of discipline, a hasty word or a clingy spirit (we would call this person co-dependent).   But I also think of the little things that can prevent this wholesale destruction.  I call them gifts and anointings…but they’re just simple little words/phrases: Thank-you, No, Good-bye and I’m Sorry.

How many relationships could be better maintained by a properly placed Thank-you or I’m Sorry?  How much trouble could we avoid by a timely No or Good-bye?

 I say it often because I know it’s true…good fences make good neighbors. But, in order to build good fences you have to be truly aware of the schematics of your own ‘temple space.’  The Greek aphorism, “Know thyself” comes to mind (How it got there? Blame ‘The Matrix’).  I think the most important thing any person can do is to know who YOU are.  I think far more important than that, for Christians, is to know who you are IN CHRIST.  It allows you to dispel your own fears in employing these simple, precious, divine little gifts in your obedience to God, your conscience and your heart.  You realize that you can peacefully let go of the people whose season is over in your life; that you can lay your pride aside long enough to restore and repair a relationship worth keeping; that people have more respect for you when they can’t walk all over you; and that being grateful is being grace-full.

A puzzle is only as valuable as each little perfectly placed piece.  You can totally destroy the big picture when you don’t take care in the little things.


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  1. Jenn
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 11:57:13

    YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!! Let me take a moment to dance on my soapbox!!! EVERYTHING is in the details! The ‘little things’ are the experiences, actions and words most often remembered. Equally so, they are the most difficult to express and repress when we feel, think or believe otherwise; thus, they speak the loudest of our intentions, desires, thoughts, feelings and, dare I say, spirit. Placing importance and reverance in those special ‘little things’ amplifies the life and spiritual experience beyond measure. Honoring yourself and others ALWAYS brings happiness, peace and spiritual understanding and evolution. Thank you for sharing!!



  2. Anonymous
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 08:32:45




  3. quita1020
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 22:35:16

    Awesome and TRUE!



  4. Nedra
    May 28, 2015 @ 04:53:33

    Know who you are. However so many of us have not a clue. We spend so much time babysitting other folk and their issues. I know I did for so long. If we’re not careful we become those people. ..not good not good at all. An even greater statement..know who you are in God!! Obah shah!! I can just shout right here..hold my mule!! Once that’s figured out..the rest is gravy!! Great Blog friend!!!:)

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