The Soundtrack In My Head

As you and I begin to get more acquainted, I want to share a little bit about myself.  In everything I do, music will always have a very prominent place.  Music has, quite literally, been my salvation. This is a subject about which I may never tire of writing. And while under this particular heading, I may keep it down to a sporadic article or two (or three, I’m not sure), it may be an underlining theme for many articles to come…

Now, I’m gonna need for the ‘super spiritual’ readers to breathe very deeply and stay very calm.  I am not talking exclusively about Christian music.  There, I said it. Whew, THAT feels better!   

God has communicated with me in ways that I can relate to. And there have been times in my life when the prisons in which I found myself (many not of my own making) had nothing ‘holy’ or ‘godly’ that could penetrate. It was hard to hear the Gospel as it was being presented to me by my captors. It was the same people singing and preaching about God’s love for me that made me feel despised and rejected by God and man. That can alter one’s internal filter for life so that the Gospel cannot come through clearly by any milieu. But God is a great healer!  He used EVERY experience to make me into someone who has covert ops training to find and share God through whatever tool I have at my disposal.

So, let me tell you a little bit about me and the soundtrack in my head by first saying…

I LOVE MUSIC…any kind of music (some of y’all got the reference)!!! Anybody riding in my car needs to have their minds prepared.  I could play the Thommies, followed by Yo-Yo Ma, Kirk Whalum, Kirk Franklin, Audioslave, Mary-Mary, La Coka Nostra, and the Foo Fighters…then, top it all off with entire cds of Israel Houghton and Brad Paisley! Anyone who has ever entered into my office space knows this to be true! I am notorious for playing Switchfoot, sandwiched between Martina McBride and Miguel. I can play the entire John Mayer catalogue and turn right around and do the same thing with Joe Sample, James Taylor and Tony! Tone! Toné! (mad props to my ‘80s groups). I love songs that make me happy, make me cry, make me angry…make me think. 

I LOVE MUSICIANS…I love the sounds that they make.  I love how they can provoke emotion with a single note or a layered chord progression. I love their skill and the concentration that it requires.  I love how, after years and years of practice and training, they can close their eyes and play as if they were simply wishing a song into being. I love the joyous, playful nature of being around a band rehearsing. The ones with whom I am surrounded make hard work look like so much fun! But they WORK! They go over and over and over and over the same 4, 8 or 16 bars until it sounds like they have eaten and slept on nothing but those few notes. I watch them perfect the give and take that is necessary for each one of them to shine, individually and collectively. I must admit, I am very spoiled in this regard.  I know some VERY talented musicians!

I LOVE SINGERS! And, I LOVE TO SING! Soloists, choirs, duets, trios, groups, divas, I love the fearlessness you must possess to stand in front of a room full of people, communicate a thought and, not just hold a tune, but fold it over, flip it back and put a bow on it, like you were on a cooking show, making lemon meringue or bananas foster (I love desert, too…but, that’s another story). The dialogue that goes on between singers and the band is like a sophisticated tango. Hand gestures, eye contact, listening to the words between the lyrics and the notes (singers and musicians tell GREAT jokes to one another while singing to an audience). Every breath and head nod is strategic.  It is a thing of beauty to be revered and appreciated. While, I am not the greatest singer in the world, I do sing pretty well.  It has afforded me the opportunity to sing back up for some very famous people because of the choirs I have been in. I have stood in stadiums filled to capacity with deafening screams. I have also stood alone, in a bar on an open microphone, with the only deafening sound being the thrumming of my heart in my ears. I have harmonized with angels singing praise and worship to God. And I’ve have even sung a couple of songs that have made me BLUSH (all in good fun)!



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