Superstition Ain’t the Way Pt. 3 (Final)

It has been the biggest trouble of human existence.  Many of us want to please God.  We honestly want to do what He wants us to do.  But, what IS that, exactly? Does it really require me to dress a certain way? Does it mean that if I like a style of music, He won’t be happy with me?  Is it my sin that will send me to hell? But, wait what exactly constitutes a sin? If I accept Christ and I sin again, does that cancel out my salvation? If men wrote the Bible does that make the Bible as faulty as we are? And if that’s the case, does that mean the Bible doesn’t count?

Just, stop…Stop…STOP!  Asking a bunch of questions that take you down one rabbit hole and into another only adds to the confusion. It can send you in a spiral of confusion that will have you shaving your head, picking dandelions for dinner and eating them off of a tambourine in a cave somewhere!

Without question, we’re dealing with a great big God, far beyond the understanding of finite man.  But who would know that better than God?  And because God knows how big He is and how small we are, he kept it VERY simple… very simple.

This, in a nutshell, is the whole reason for your being…the bottom line to the purpose for your existence. Everything else is merely a bi-product of this one, singularly important desire of this great big God of the universe. God wants a FAMILY. As a matter of fact, that is all He ever wanted.  Look at the patterns of mankind.  They all revolve around the familial nucleus.  It’s about RELATIONSHIP!

Even the Ten Commandments are about relationship.  About how to relate to God: How to relate to one another. The whole duty of man (love God, love people) is the central theme of the law. Why is it so important? Because if we can see past our differences to extend to one another the kind of love we receive from God, it is a simple and pure reflection of how much we love God.  Seek to please God by accepting His love.  Return that love to Him and extend it to the rest of His creation.  Only then does everything else fall into place.

It is when we try to complicate that simple formula that we reduce that loving relationship to superstition.  When we perceive the simple acts of loving obedience as DUTY, the law becomes a burden.  We look for ways to quantify the fulfillment of duty, so we introduce WORKS into the law. That way we can discern or judge how well we (and others) are fulfilling the law.  This brings about comparison and judgment and finally condemnation of ourselves and then others (as a way to justify ourselves).  All this serves to do is divide us from one another as well as the One we say we love. This separation from the Father…it is THIS that sends us to Hell. Our unwillingness to accept God’s terms of reconciliation in an effort to create terms that WE can control! We, in our finite, simple, barely discernible definition of intelligence, try to control God and control one another.  And when you believe in things that you CAN’T understand, you will suffer.

Now is not the time to be deep.  Now is the time to K.I.S.S. and make up.  KEEP IT SIMPLE SAINTS…LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Don’t worry about what you don’t get right…apologize to the only one who can truly forgive you, make it as right as you can and MOVE ON!  Let the Holy Spirit sort the rest out…that’s HIS JOB – NOT OURS! Keep loving God by loving each other.  Do right by God in doing right by one another! This is what pleases the Father…to see His children getting along and working together to build up His KIngdom. If that’s all we have the sense to understand, then, that is all we are responsible to do. And since that seems to be our struggle, let’s work that out.

I remember a part of a song from when I was a kid…I am not certain who wrote it.  I bet my friend Chuck Hammond remembers…

“When we are divided, I can hear Him crying.  I won’t be a part of breaking His heart anymore. I won’t do it anymore.  Brother I commit my love to you. Sister I commit my love to you.  Oh! I commit my love to you.”

Let’s try that out and see if it doesn’t deliver us from our superstitions.


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