Better Than a Library Card

The Bible is the infallible word of the one true and living God.  All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, reproof, correction, and training…(2 Timothy 3:16).  There is a comfort in knowing that no matter what life presents us, as children of God, we have source for an answer and a clear path to a solution if we search the scriptures and biblical resource materials with a heart toward hearing from God.

 With life being a big rush from one thing to another, it can be tough to sit down and just crack open the Bible without a clear idea on where to start reading. And it’s hard to resource a reference library when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. There is more accessible resource material that can help you tap into the scriptures you need, when you need them most.  Check in the seat next to yours at church.  Talk to the people in your prayer group.  Hang out with the men’s or women’s fellowship group. Take a ‘seasoned saint’ out to lunch (some people call them senior citizens…in our church, we call them Keen-agers).  Whether they are generations deep in a heritage of Christianity or the first Christians in their family; if they came to Christ later in life or as a child in Sunday School, there is a wealth of life experience coupled with the wisdom borne of their testimony to God’s sustaining grace, that will stabilize and center any of us in those times of trial and temptation. 

I once heard this saying that I thought was pretty cute, ‘There’s no lesson like a bought lesson.’  Essentially, that means the stuff we learn the hard way are usually treasures we won’t easily discard or forget.  That makes sense.  However, I don’t subscribe to the theory that you always have to be the one that paid for a bought lesson to appreciate the value of it.   Sometimes a borrowed lesson is just as priceless as a bought one. 

There is a quote from a movie that I think fits quite nicely into this context, “Sometimes it’s better to be on the edge of a party.”  You get to experience all the laughter and drama without being thrown into the fray.  That’s sometimes where you meet some of the most interesting and unforgettable people.  And they teach you some of the most memorable things.  Sit on the edge of a group of people and just strike up a conversation with another ‘wall flower.’  Maybe you’ll both learn something.  Let someone else’s life experience enrich yours.  And don’t be afraid to share.  You’ll be surprised what a resource you can be when you let someone know who you are and where you’ve come from.  The Dewey Decimal System has nothing on a chance encountered conversation. 

Do you really want to dig into the fullness of God?  Check into the Library of the Saints. You won’t even need that library card.



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