About KP


Kaleidoscope Publishing will be the definition of a kaleidoscope for the literary community: To take stories and insights from Christians from all colors, backgrounds and perspectives, and bring them together to reflect LIGHT in an ever-changing show of God’s creative beauty.

Who We Are

We of the Kaleidoscope Perspective take a stand by showing that diversity and unity are not mutually exclusive. We intend to reach a growing market of believers in God, churched and unchurched, who strongly believe that the things that divide us are fewer than the things that unite us. We plan to use the media (books, magazine, the web, etc.) to encourage this untapped market in their belief that, in order to move forward in a positive direction we must learn to understand and appreciate our differences and facilitate a change that is intentionally inclusive.

We expect to blaze the trail with a magazine, under the Kaleidoscope banner, as a way to showcase our mission statement. We are seeking out authors whose goal it is to reach more than just one denomination or belief system, to provide a platform for their voices. We will embrace technological advances by having a magazine website, publishing e-books, providing blogs by our editors and select literary contributors, as well as establishing topical webinars.

It is imperative that the multi-cultural, inter-denominational, gender and age inclusive, purchasing public be given a forum that understands their needs. We will provide tools, information, and encouragement for this growing demographic to make their world a better reflection of Heaven on Earth, the way that God intended.

E Pluribus Unum is a simple truth that has stood the test of time. At Kaleidoscope Publishing we will remain of many, one.

Our literature will focus on ideas, situations and solutions that celebrate the diversity of our audience while identifying the common denominators of every experience. There are struggles that are common to every walk of life. There are approaches to every struggle that can be taken from one walk of life, and adapted to suit another. There are so many that feel as though no one understands where they are coming from. Much like Elijah, hiding in the cave, they have no idea how many people stand in wait to encourage and support their vision. We want to provide that still, small voice to assuage that lonesome fear and put them clearly in a place where they know that their contribution to the world is important to all.

As long as there are worthwhile words to be spoken and written, there will be someone out there to hear them and read them. The medium of communication may change, but communication will and must always go forth. Kaleidoscope Publishing will be the cutting edge of communication.

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